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As we probably am aware Sofa tell our taste, make us look tasteful and we contribute a ton on our furnishings. However, is it simple to contribute over and over on furniture? In the event that it is reasonable likewise, would we truly like to toss the Sofa which we love? I surmise answer is no in light of the fact that it is difficult to toss something when we get associated with that object. What’s more, there is an expression old is gold and yes it is right.

In those days individuals have confidence in virtue and everything goes on for long. Exchanging into something new is acceptable, however imagine a scenario in which the Sofa you love the most and which is so solid can be adjusted into something new.

Sofa Repair

 Truly, you can fix your couch and give your couch new life and look. Shrewd work is in every case more refreshing than difficult work. Changing the vibe of the furniture as indicated by the spot is acceptable however do it shrewdly and in pocket well disposed spending plan. Call The Sofa Store and we will give new look to your couch and make you look brilliant and tasteful.


Professional sofa cleaning service at Bangalore with expertise in diverse fabrics at The Sofa Makers. We dry vacuum your sofa, also treating it with natural compounds to give your sofa a better appeal. Regular cleaning is important with your furniture to keep them looking their best. we are all about helping you get the cleaning you need. Having years of experience in cleaning a variety of fabrics and upholstery we know just how to get the job done so that you can get more life out of your sofas.

Sofa Cleaning

We change places, houses, insides and as we probably am aware change is just steady. As indicated by our insides we like to change our furniture as well so our home look vintage, however is it extremely obligatory to change the whole furniture in light of the fact that the Color isn’t coordinating? No. Truly you heard me right, since you changed the shade of your divider you don’t need to change the entire couch since you can simply change the upholstery and utilize the regular old couch which you like the most.

Here we vintage lounger giving you the best quality support of make your life simple and tasteful. In this day and age changing furniture over and over is beyond the realm of imagination so you can simply fix your couch with upholstery change, restoring and make it new once more in truly pocket inviting spending plan.

sofa Polish
sofa Polish

We went through a large portion of a day in our couch. Staring at the TV, drinking, eating, dozing for the most part all that we do on our couch. As the time passes cowhide or texture couch begin getting messy due to clean or in some cases we just spill something. Won’t we like your couch spic and a dish? All things considered what to do? Would we be able to clean our couch by our selves? No If you truly like your couch and need to keep it for long then we need experts.

Here we are vintage lounger to take care of your issues. Our experts will give you the administration as indicated by the soil you have in couch. Like in the event that it is dust, at that point vacuum cleaning or on the off chance that it is recolor, at that point shampooing and so on. Don’t hesitate to call us and counsel our mastery for the upkeep of the lovely piece of your inside.

Ashok Veilumuthu
Ashok Veilumuthu
Had a great experience with Arul, I reached out to him for sofa refill, it was done on time, very professional.
Ashank Gyanchand
Ashank Gyanchand
Loved the communication and the work efficiency by Arul. I placed my request for re upholstery of 3+1+1 sofa set and 2 recliners and it was done without any hitch. Will definitely go with them again in the future.
Nice shop
T vishnoo aditya
T vishnoo aditya
Big sofa is very good and excellent
Vigneshwar D R
Vigneshwar D R
Great workmanship and sincerity in work. I gave them work of replacing my cushions. It was excellent job done by Arul.
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